By Martin Duncan on Tuesday, September 25, 2012
It's amazing how much we all take the internet for granted these days. Social technologies have revolutionised everything around us and sometimes it seems like we are all fairly indifferent about it! I'd like to share this rather heartwarming story with you all about little boy with a passion for cars. As a member of several car forums and someone with a real passion for all cars, I've known about it since the day it was posted, but sadly I was unable to make the event for a few different reasons. Now that the date has been and gone I thought I'd do a little write up about how these car forums and more importantly the people frequenting them have made a big difference in this little boy's tragically short life. So on the 28th of August someone posted a message on a UK Subaru forum saying that his 11 year old son, Connor had only weeks left to live due to the inconceivable horror that is cancer. He had leukeamia aged 2 and beat it, then last year they'd had the devastating news that he had a cancerous brain tumor. They operated and removed it and thought all was well, until they were given the news it had returned in two places and there was nothing more they could do to help him. He wanted to get a small group of cars together (not just Subarus, but all types of cars) so that his son could see some of the cars he loved before his untimely departure. ...
By Martin Duncan on Monday, September 24, 2012
So since we've not commented on this story yet, I'll start off by filling you in on the fiasco so far. It all started a week ago today when Waitrose sent out this tweet: Waitrose Reasons Tweet As I'm sure some of you are already filling in the blank space in your head, you can see that this invited a fair bit of ridicule... Some of the tweets they got in return included such gems as: "I also shop at Waitrose because I was once in the Holloway Rd branch and heard a dad say "put the papaya down Orlando" "I shop at Waitrose because I hate poor people" "Because the butler's on holiday" "Beacuse Asda value foie grass just won't do" "Because you say "Ten items or fewer" not "Ten items or less", which is important"

Now as I'm sure you can imagine, this induced a backlash among our peers who immediately jumped all over them with...
By Martin Duncan on Friday, September 14, 2012
Okay, so I know I've already written a blog about David Weir, our local Wallington boy who had an amazing summer at the Paralympics. I went to see the 5000m performance in the Stratford stadium and the atmosphere was electric, a truly memorable day for me. But when I wrote that, I was congratulating him for his two gold medals. Since then, the paralympics has now finished and by the end he had been awarded two more! So that would be a total of four gold medals out of four events! The 800m, the 1500m, the 5000m and the Marathon are all highly competitive, but nobody told Dave that, he dominated each one! So the issue here in Wallington is that we are fast running out of postboxes to paint gold! On a serious note I do hope he gets one in Roundshaw and they don't all end up in the town centre. Here is a phone snapshot of the one on Wallington high street: A gold postbox in Wallington...
By Martin Duncan on Thursday, September 06, 2012
David Weir, AKA The WierWolf It's no secret that here in the office we have been gripped by Paralympic fever. It's amazing enough for Great Britain to be second in the medal table - considering our small population - but to think that one of the most amazing athletes in the world hails from our humble town of Wallington in Surrey beggars belief. We have been following David's career for a while now, watching three of his four marathon victories with great interest (yeah we missed one, sorry David), but what he has achieved so far during these 2012 Paralympics has just about eclipsed his long list of incredibly impressive prior achievements. The decision to enter four intensely competitive events is not one you take lightly. The ability to be competitive in so many races one after the other is very rare and something truly astounding. So, how is "our Dave" doing so far? Not too shabby, two gold medals from two events....
By David Duncan on Wednesday, September 05, 2012 12:00 AM

Many companies are trying to figure out how to keep track of their social media activity . We see many people these days are using both LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook.

Although all of these sites do offer some kind of integration between them, we don't recommend automatic forwarding of any kind, since this can result in repeated postings.

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