By Martin Duncan on Thursday, November 15, 2012
What a dumb headline! You’re pretty sure you already know aren’t you? So why are you still reading? Well, it’s because nobody is really sure what is going on anymore. Every ten minutes something else comes along that changes the game and makes everything before it obsolete. Well, strictly speaking that’s not really true, but it seems that way sometimes. It’s a full time job just figuring out what is going on without even doing any of it yourself! While everyone is running around trying to get “like” buttons on all of their web properties and tweeting about “social” technologies, it seems like we’ve all lost a bit of focus. The thing is, when you think about it all of this stuff is still very young, even the “experts” and “gurus” have only been doing it for a few years! So what if I told you that more than half of the crap that gets posted on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter etc is not Social Media?...
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