By Martin Duncan on Monday, January 28, 2013
Email? Old news right? With such a huge rise in the popularity of social media, you could be forgiven for thinking that more traditional online marketing methods (like email marketing) have had their day. But actually, email marketing is still a very popular and hugely effective marketing medium that continues to thrive. Put it this way - there are 2.4 billion internet users worldwide – 53 million are in the UK alone (Source: “”) and around 90% of those have access to and use email. By comparison, these numbers still outweigh social media sites. So, how can you make sure your company gets the most out of its email campaigns? 10 Ways to Help Sharpen Your Email Marketing  While email marketing still holds its own on the online-webnet-intersite-network (or interweb), it's important to consider how recent trends brought about by the evolution of our online behaviour impact the way we access and use email. As a result,...
By Martin Duncan on Monday, January 21, 2013
So with most of our clients and prospects, I find myself recommending a blogging strategy. It’s just too good to ignore. It’s a surefire way of adding good quality copy about your chosen keywords which will then get indexed quickly and should provide people with valuable information that is easy to archive and organise.

I find that many companies are concerned primarily about three issues regarding blogs:

·          the time required to source a regular flow of content,

·          the costs involved in getting professional copy written

·          the need to attract readers to make it all worthwhile.

To address these concerns, you can use the following 5-point plan, which will enable you to take a phased approached to preparing for, setting up, and running a successful business blog.

1. Establish Clear Objectives Knowing what you want to achieve with your blog will enable you to choose a clear direction from the start. Although it's important to use your blog to participate in a genuine manner as part of the online community, it is also completely reasonable to have your own business objective, which might include:

By Martin Duncan on Wednesday, January 16, 2013
So we all know that things are changing. Those of you in the know will have heard of the Google zoological terminology - with the names of various animals (particularly penguin and panda) being given to their algorythm updates. But what does all of this stuff actually mean? Well, there is an elephant in the room (sorry, couldn't resist).

For years we have mostly been focused on updating and optimising our websites and getting lots of great content on them. Well if you've been following our advice then it's good news because all of that stuff is still great, but basically the shift of focus is going from people "optimising" (which gives the more monetarily endowed an advantage) to more organic popularity measures. So this means that Google is now more...
By Martin Duncan on Thursday, January 10, 2013
So, it's 2013, how are you going to continue to engage your site visitors? Well you could spend some time and money on some great videos, they are a great way to engage people, but in all honesty I think some of us could do well to take a step back and revisit some of the basics. Small businesses have something large businesses often don't have – a personal touch. There is far more scope for you to inject some personality in what you do without being held back by corporate guidelines. If you put some effort into making your customer experience something memorable (good memorable that is), you'll never have trouble building a base of loyal clients. Here are five of the best and most basic ways to create a positive customer experience online: 1. KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Does your website have a straightforward design with easy to use navigation? Your customers should be able to find what they're looking for with ease...
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