Apr 14

Written by: David Duncan
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 3:38 PM  RssIcon

Social Selling leverages the opportunity provided by an increasing number of professionals turning to the social channels to influence their buying decision. Learn to adapt your online approach with social selling and you will never need to cold call again.

This short video outlines some of the steps to take to build a solid social selling routine.

In my opinion, great social media profiles should be as important to sales people and business owners as an e-mail address, phone number or business card. These profiles are a way for other people to validate your experience, your expertise and your real world connections.

If your company isn’t teaching its sales people how to use social media to connect with potential clients and leverage existing leads, then you are putting them at a huge disadvantage. Social selling is widely popular and an increasing number of people are trying to find the best way to leverage the technology for best results. If we look on LinkedIn, there are already over a thousand people who list ‘social selling’ as a skill on their profiles. These people are already looking at ways to teach others how to sell online and there will undoubtedly be a steady stream of interest in their expertise.

Are you interested in social selling techniques and strategies to enhance your reputation and help you prospect for new leads?

Contact us to get on board with social selling

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