By Martin Duncan on Monday, February 11, 2013
The world of blogging has very little in the way of rules, and even less in the way of boundaries. This freedom doesn't necessarily mean it's an easy ride when it comes to crafting compelling blog content for your business though. The blog itself is one of the main tools in any internet marketer's arsenal, however for many the most challenging aspect remains maintaining a flow of quality content. In this article we'll be looking not so much at what to write about, but more how to write about it. Fresh, engaging and optimised content is the order of the day here – after all blogging for business is about attracting traffic and keeping the reader coming back for more.   1. List Your Ideas - Many new bloggers start out with good intentions, but quickly run out of ideas and/or motivation. A great way to avoid this is to develop a list of topics from the outset, from which you can pick your posts. We're not just talking about 5-10 topics here – think longer-term towards 50 or even 100. Farm ideas from online content...
By Martin Duncan on Monday, January 21, 2013
So with most of our clients and prospects, I find myself recommending a blogging strategy. It’s just too good to ignore. It’s a surefire way of adding good quality copy about your chosen keywords which will then get indexed quickly and should provide people with valuable information that is easy to archive and organise.

I find that many companies are concerned primarily about three issues regarding blogs:

·          the time required to source a regular flow of content,

·          the costs involved in getting professional copy written

·          the need to attract readers to make it all worthwhile.

To address these concerns, you can use the following 5-point plan, which will enable you to take a phased approached to preparing for, setting up, and running a successful business blog.

1. Establish Clear Objectives Knowing what you want to achieve with your blog will enable you to choose a clear direction from the start. Although it's important to use your blog to participate in a genuine manner as part of the online community, it is also completely reasonable to have your own business objective, which might include:

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