By Martin Duncan on Monday, September 24, 2012
So since we've not commented on this story yet, I'll start off by filling you in on the fiasco so far. It all started a week ago today when Waitrose sent out this tweet: Waitrose Reasons Tweet As I'm sure some of you are already filling in the blank space in your head, you can see that this invited a fair bit of ridicule... Some of the tweets they got in return included such gems as: "I also shop at Waitrose because I was once in the Holloway Rd branch and heard a dad say "put the papaya down Orlando" "I shop at Waitrose because I hate poor people" "Because the butler's on holiday" "Beacuse Asda value foie grass just won't do" "Because you say "Ten items or fewer" not "Ten items or less", which is important"

Now as I'm sure you can imagine, this induced a backlash among our peers who immediately jumped all over them with...
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