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To give you an idea of what it’s actually like to work with a WSI Consultant, read some of our testimonials. You’ll hear from business owners like you who have found out what a great experience working with WSI is and how doing so has increased their profitability.

“David was commissioned to increase our website visibility and move it up the page rankings. To achieve this, focus was brought to bear on writing articles, using keywords, doing blogs & redesigning webpages, amongst other things which we were new to. We moved significantly up the rankings and much achieved greater visibility which took a lot of diligent effort. David provided us with timely monthly advice and focus on the tasks at hand and altered our work practices as a result, No business can do without advice in this key area and would recommend David's internet marketing services.” 

Connor O'Daly
The Asset Preservation Partnership

“WSI have really transformed our web presence and in doing so provided us with a new sales avenue for our clients. They have demonstrated how we can actually measure the success of our advertising pounds which we were unable to do through traditional means. We have enjoyed working with the team and would recommend them without hesitation.”

Andy Barber
The London Lawn Turf Company

“David's knowledge and skill are renowned. He really knows his business and was there at the beginning. He understands what works well, is dedicated and a safe pair of hands for your company requirements."

Valeire Merrill
Merrill Consultants

"The thought of designing my own Web Site sent shivers down my spine, however, I knew that to compete and survive and move forward you cannot operate a business without one.

Even after my initial meeting with Waverley Solutions I still procrastinated – I knew what I wanted but found it difficult to put pen to paper. A second meeting was needed and with some definite commitment from me we broke the task into achievable chunks with help and guidance all the way from David & Martin.

The finished article went live in 2008 – The sites is fresh, relaxed and professional – very pleased with the finished design and have had many positive comments from fellow Property Investors and Clients." 

Martin Burt
A Fast Purchase

"Martin is passionate about getting the right results when it comes to web design. A&P sales training has worked with him and the WSI team for some weeks to get a new site designed and the improvement on the old one is awesome. A great price, great job and a great team have come together to create a much more professional site with greater functionality for a reasonable budget. The response I am getting from clients, suppliers and friends about it totally justifies our investment and vindicates our choice of using Martin and WSI!"

Andy Szebeni
A & P Sales Training

"David at WSI has been absolutely fantastic, in helping me first get the best from my old website, helping me to develop a new one and helping me to generate more business though the website. David has some great ideas and understands my business well and the support and work has been quality, efficient... well first class! And I would thoroughly recommend him."
Paul Colvin
The Red Carpet Company

"Our development of a web presence was based on creating a site which would grow and adapt as the technology developed and as we could afford to invest.
WSI and David Duncan stood out because he offered sensible advice backed up by a vast range of products and development capability".
Terry Toms

"David Duncan and his team are truly fantastic, they are in the process of designing an exceptional looking web site and helping me to understand the complexities of web based business. I can’t wait to get the web site up and running they have spent time helping me to get the web site the way I want it, I would recommend them to anyone."
Gerard Duffy
Parkside Carpentry

I've always been impressed by David's attention to detail and his great business sense. You always get the impression that he's crafting your website to very exacting standards. I was also perfectly happy to recommend David to a long-term (and very important) client, as I knew he would not let me down.
John Blagdon
The Best of Sutton

"When I decided to implement my first website, I contacted WSI. I was not sure what to expect or how much it would cost. David and Martin gave me several alternatives and costings, and then talked me through the process. The final result far exceeded my expectations and I have received many compliments regarding the quality and contents of the site, not to mention several leads. Thank you both, I have no hesitation in recommending your services."
Bob Moon,
Goldhawk Service & MOT.

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e-Commerce to total $329 billion by 2010

For e-Commerce In Western Europe, we expect an 11 percent growth rate for online retail sales, going from $93 billion (68 billion) in 2009 to $156 billion (114.5 billion) in 2014.

Source: Forrester Research

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