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Online Reputation Management Surrey

Do you know what people are saying about you or your company online? 

With more and more people active on the web it is no surprise that we tell others of our experience dealing with people or companies - whether it is good or bad. It is therefore critical that we make the effort to monitor what others are saying about us and then make efforts to answer any questions being posed there. We can monitor your online reputation and we can then take steps to ensure that a positive image is maintained.

United Airlines had a negative experience when they inadvertently broke the guitar of a country singer, and despite his complaints did not resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner. The singer then wrote a song about his experience and put a video on YouTube of it, which has become one of the most popular videos there. The result is if you type "United Airlines" into Google this video is on the first page of results (as of October 2009), and gives a negative impression of United Airlines. This is only one example of how our reputation management services can be put to use. If United Airlines had been monitoring their brand online they could have saved millions of dollars.

When you are monitoring these things you can proactively respond to issues as they arise and take corrective action before the damage is done. We can provide a monitoring service and create a strategy to deal with any issues as they arise. If this is integrated into your social media monitoring and marketing package you can be ready to deal with any eventuality - without necessarily having to create a number of new pages and sites to burythe bad results further down!

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Online video ads are up to four times more impactful than other online formats

Online video ads are up to four times more impactful than other online formats, with the majority of viewers watching over 70% of the content provided.
Source: Klipmart
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